Casos para leitura | International Program for Public Leaders in Washington DC

#1 Clique para download: Kennedy School of Government | The Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board

#2 Clique para download: Kennedy School of Government | Yogyakarta Bus Terminal – The Private Provision of Municipal Infrastructure

#3 Clique para download: LAD case Study | Serious Business: Diminishing the Size of the Informal Sector in Medellin, Colombia

#4 Clique para download: LAD case Study | Strengthening Electricity Distribution in Uganda: The Role of Private Equity

#5 Clique para download: Mayor Anthony Williams and Performance Management in Washington, DC

#6 Clique para download: Princeton University | Innovations for Successful Societies – Defending the environment at the local level: Dom Eliseu, Brazil, 2008–2014



+ Sugestão de leitura: Friedrich Ebert Stiftung | Think Tanks in Policy Making – Do They Matter? (da página 17 a 26)

+ Sugestão de leitura: Democracy When the People Are Thinking: Revitalizing Our Politics Through Public Deliberation

+ Sugestão de vídeo: James Fishkin | Democracy When the People Are Thinking



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